Hair Transplant Surgery To Achieve The “Perfect Beard”

Hair Transplant Surgery

Achieve The Perfect Beard

Hair transplant procedures used to be recognized as treatments used exclusively to correct the effects of androgenic alopecia. More recently, however, facial hair transplants have been rising in popularity, and men in their 20s and 30s are making inquiries to find out how a facial hair transplant can help achieve the perfect beard.

When men’s facial hair stops developing in their teens or early twenties, some men find that they cannot grow a goatee, beard, or moustache that is to their liking or that the hair is growing in patchy. This is an issue that remains permanent throughout the patient’s life if he doesn’t have a beard transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Surgery Toronto

Facial Hair Transplant

How It Is Performed

Technology has made facial hair transplants not only possible, but they are also non-invasive procedures that offer dramatic results. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a procedure where follicles are taken from an area of the head where healthy hair is growing.

This is typically on the sides and back of the scalp. This hair is migrated and anchored to the cheeks, chin, or upper lip to provide facial hair where it would not grow in naturally before. The result is permanent, and after 4 to 6 months, the hair will grow in continuously on its own even with repeated trimming and shaving. This is akin to having hair that grew in naturally, and any signs of the procedure are typically undetectable to most people.

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Hair Transplant Surgery Toronto

Beard Transplant

After The Procedure

After the procedure, it is not uncommon for many men to experience some redness, irritation, and possibly some scabbing. However, this generally heals quite quickly. Patients are advised not to touch the area so as not to aggravate the skin as it heals and the follicles as they take root. Part of the process of a beard transplant is that the hair begins to shed after a few weeks. This may be alarming to see at first, but it is entirely common. In fact, the process has not been completed until new growth begins to occur. Likewise, a general concern is the knowledge that not all of the follicles will take. However, this too is normal, and the vast majority will transplant successfully. Over 90% of the follicles that are transplanted usually take and will be permanent. This means that most grafts taken from the donor site do result in permanent facial hair growth if the patient was deemed a good candidate to begin with.

Are You A Candidate

For The Perfect Beard?

An appointment for a hair restoration in Toronto can be scheduled with our clinic. We will evaluate any areas of concern, check your general health, and determine if your hair type is ideal for the surgery. Our qualified staff is also able to answer questions that you may have in regards to the treatment and will discuss goals and expectations as well as risks and recovery to ensure that the surgery is right for your individual needs. For more information, we invite you to visit our website or call us at (647)351-0061.

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